The oldest and very most stable work from home company in my opinion.

Some information gathered from their site…

Available Agent Opportunities

Inbound Sales
Insurance Sales
Insurance Claims
Customer Service

Connecting to the LiveOps Virtual Call Center
Our engineers work hard to make it easy for your work-from-home business to connect with our “call center in the cloud” so you can provide service to our clients.

Once accepted as an agent, there are just a few things that you need in order to start working online from home with LiveOps:

Corded landline phone
Corded headset
Computer that meets the technical requirements below
High-Speed internet access

Learning about these requirements for your work-from-home business and deciding which phone, computer, and headset you want can help you get started quickly once you become a LiveOps independent agent and avoid delays in getting certified to take calls. You do not need to purchase any equipment before you apply.

Important: LiveOps does not provide any equipment or technical support for your home-based business. As an independent contractor you must maintain your own computer, software, telephone, telephone service, and internet connection in compliance with our client requirements.

Telephone and Headset Requirements

Your work-from-home business will need a dedicated landline telephone that is SEPARATE from any home phone line you use for personal calls. This dedicated landline telephone should only be used for providing services to LiveOps clients.

To set this up for your home-based business you will need:

A corded telephone (no wireless phones or cellular phones). Your phone does not need to be fancy as long as it is corded and can be plugged directly into a wall phone jack and has a place to plug in a headset. Many agents use a basic landline phone that they purchase online or at a local retail store.

A corded headset that is compatible with, and plugs directly into, your corded phone.

Note: Some agents purchase a corded headset phone in lieu of a separate phone and headset. Corded headset phones may be purchased online or at a local retail store.

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